With the cooperation of Torunlar GYO and KİPTAŞ, A NEW NEIGHBORHOOD RISES IN ISTANBUL: "5th LEVENT" 

Istanbul wins a brand new and modern neighborhood where 15 thousand people shall live. Developed under the cooperation of KiPTAŞ and Torunlar GYO, 5th Levent steps forward as an exemplary urban transformation project for Istanbul with its closeness to the city, location on the intersection point of giant transportation projects, green areas, social accessories and architecture. Developed with an total investment of 1 billion 800 million TL, 5th Levent is planned to be completed in 2017. 

Istanbul wins a new and modern neighborhood with the cooperation of Torunlar GYO known with its big projects adding value to Turkey and KİPTAŞ. Torunlar GYO is realizing the urban transformation planning prepared by KİPTAŞ on a land of 516 thousand square meters owned by different owners on the TEM Alibeyköy junction. Intended to be an exemplary project for Istanbul with its size, architecture, green and amenity spaces, 5th Levent will incorporate nearly 4000 residences, a university education area with rich social reinforcement spaces, a commercial unit with a street concept of 4 thousand square meters, 2 schools, 2 mosques and a coppice of 50 decares. 

The details of the project are announced to the public through a pres conference with the participation of İsmetYıldırım, General Manager, KİPTAŞ and Aziz Torun, Board Chairman, Torunlar GYO. 

İsmetYıldırım: It will be an exemplary project for urban evolution, development and transformation of Istanbul
In his speech at the press conference, İsmetYıldırım, General Manager, KİPTAŞ, said, "Having been founded to find a solution to the housing problem of Istanbul and produce modern, livable, reliable and contemporary living spaces by preventing unqualified and unplanned settlements, we, KİPTAŞ are today enthusiastic to implement 5th Levent, a new project which is located in the territory of Eyüp district of Istanbul and will be an important milestone for the area." Emphasizing that they started their land development efforts in 2011, Mr. Yıldırım added, "We successfully pieced together with the agreement of all parties, our project area where lands owned by Foundations, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and individuals and the houses of our citizens who were living in an unhealthy settlement established on these areas." Mr. Yıldırım continued, "Thanks to this project, 400 citizens will regain a modern and safe living space in a separate parcel comprising 4 blocks. I wish our city will enjoy this big urban transformation and modernization project which we believe to be an exemplary project for Istanbul". 

Aziz Torun: We are making a giant investment in Istanbul
Aziz Torun, Board Chairman, Torunlar GYO, in his statement, noting they signed a giant investment of 1 billion 800 million TL with the 5th Levent project, stated that they are implementing another visionary project for Istanbul. Saying, "We are adding a new circle to Levent which has been a model for social, cultural and economic life from the Ottomans to day," Mr. Torun continued: "Having rapidly developed with housing, residence, office and Mall investments during the 90s, Levent neighborhoods have now completed their growth to the directions of Maslak and Beşiktaş and began to grow to the west. And we are building 5th Levent in a very precious location in pursuit of this area. Because it is an exemplary project in favor of modern urbanization and maintains the mission of the Levents, we chose the name 5th Levent for it." Mr. Torun added, "We cared about each detail of 5th Levent which is located on the intersection point of giant transportation projects in the heart of Istanbul. We designed a living space which Istanbul residents longed for. For the purposes of our modern and contemporary urban approach and with an extra investment of nearly 80 million TL, we are also making a very valuable contribution to the overall view of the city by taking underground and displacing some part of the high voltage transmission lines in the area." Aziz Torun also expressed that they are very happy to see the great interest drawn by 5th Levent during its book-building period. 

ErkanAltuğ: 5th Levent has an eco-friendly concept
ErkanAltuğ, a founding member of ArimaMimarlık which designed the 5th Levent project, provided information on the design of the project during the meeting: Mr. Altuğ said, "Considering the location and topography of the area, we designed 5th Levent with an eco-friendly concept. With a goal of more green and more genuine green, we allocated more than 50 percent of the project area as an impressive landscaping. When planning, we made it possible to achieve a use of horizontal architecture which reduced building density by applying the floor-to-area ratio which forms a basis for the construction area with 1.8 in some parts and 1.5 in some others. We aimed for reducing vehicle traffic except for emergencies on inner roads we will built on a wide land. We preserved the view by taking all of the car parks underground. We placed our amenity spaces at a point overlooking the valley view. For easy access to means of transport, we solved the elevation difference of 50 meters with a panoramic elevator and made life in 5th Levent more comfortable and pleasant. In addition, we also offer a coppice forest of 50 decares to public service as a city park".

In 5th Levent varying with its architecture more than 50 percent of which is allocated for green area, all residences will overlook the view and benefit from maximum level of daylight. 50 different types of apartments ranging from 1+1 to 4+1 will be offered for sale in 5th Levent which will comprise two neighborhoods. 

İsmail Kazanç, CFO, Torunlar GYO: Average per square meter price in 5th Levent is 5,500 TL 
İsmail Kazanç, CFO, Torunlar GYO, provided information about the prices of the residences in 5th Levent during the meeting. Noting that the per square meter price of the apartments is 5,500 TL in average, Mr. Kazanç said, "We offer different payment options to our customers who would like to own our apartments costing from 386 thousand TL to 1 million 400 thousand TL depending on their sizes and locations. We also make it possible to own an apartment in 5th Levent with a down payment of 25 percent plus interest-free Torun Vade installments of 24 months or an option of bank credit starting from an interest rate of 0.83 percent". 

Drawing attention with its location as a central town on the intersection point of giant transportation projects and being built on Alibeyköy Junction on TEM highway, 5th Levent is 7 km away from Istanbul's business centers Levent and Maslak. Providing easy access to the city's main arterial roads, 5th Levent is also located on the intersection point of both existing and planned giant transportation projects. It is possible to easily access to the airports from 5th Levent which is 9 km away from the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and 12 km away from the Bosphorus Bridge. With a distance of 22 km from the Ataturk Airport, 5th Levent is 32 km away from the 3rd Airport which is expected to enter into service in 2017.

5th Levent will offer easy access to its residents also with its closeness to the metro lines. Through the Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey, İstinye-Seyrantepe-Akşemsettin, Levent-SanayiMahallesi-Akşemsettin, Gayrettepe-3rd Airport, Alibeyköy-Eminönü lines to be to be opened soon, it will become a central neighborhood from where every point of the city shall be easily and rapidly accessed. 5th Levent will also be located on the starting point of the 3-Storied Grand Istanbul Tunnel which will facilitate access to the Anatolian side.

5th Levent will be a neighborhood with 15 thousand residents
In 5th Levent comprising about 4000 residences, 200 of the apartments will be given to the landowners. In addition, Torunlar GYO will build a separate housing estate with 4 blocks consisting of 400 apartments for those living in the houses located on the land. The project will also include anuniversity education area with a construction area of 145 thousand square meters, 2 schools with 36 classrooms and 2 mosques in addition to the lodgings to be provided to KİPTAŞ. When the project is completed, a modern ecosystem will be formed in 5th Levent for use of nearly 20 thousand people, where 15 thousand people will live. 

Special solutions for arts, sports, entertainment and natural life
Making a difference with innovative approaches in its projects, Torunlar GYO will again offer amenity spaces which bring arts, sports, entertainment and natural life into the life in this project. Ample amenity spaces will provide the residents of 5th Levent with an active and happy life within the city in this project with a construction area of 1 million 30 thousand square meters. Facilities such as festival square, open-air cinema, amphitheatre and workshops in addition to SPA center and jogging, walking and cycling tracks, reflecting pools, ponds, natural agricultural fields will add pleasure to the lives of the neighborhood dwellers. Inspired by a neighborhood spirit, the 5th Levent will feature a 'Levent Market Place'. Thus the neighborhood dwellers will also experience the ease of 'shopping within the neighborhood' with rich alternatives.