5th Levent is designed as a living space in peace with nature meeting green, water and earth with the sun. In 5th Levent, our goal is enabling the children of a family who moved to the estate see the acorns and take fruits from their own branches, integrate with the nature we long for and grow up in a life in peace with the nature together with trees.

The landscaping design of 5th Levent prioritizes the possession of a very large park area in the middle of Istanbul by the residents. The total landscaping area is meanly 110,000 m2 including roads, functions, water areas, outdoor amenity spaces and green areas. More than 50 percent of these areas are designed as green area. A very large park is positioned in the area seeing the middle part of the buildings. Vehicle roads enable access surrounding the buildings, thus cared of vehicle traffic except for in-estate emergencies. Car park entrances and main entrances of the buildings are provided through these roads. Because car park areas are designed under the buildings, it was possible to design the park area in the middle on completely natural ground. Therefore, all the trees to be planted in this area will be able to reach their natural forms and heights. Use of local trees from our past and culture such as plane, lime, magnolia, oak, maple, redbud, fir and cedar is planned on these natural ground areas.

A functional distribution is made where residents of the estate can take their living spaces to outdoors and meet all of their needs. There is a main walking and jogging track surrounding the wide park area within the estate from the front of the buildings. These tracks intersect with the other broad pedestrian way connecting the area diagonally and this provides easy access to the spaces within the park area.

A large lawn activity area in the middle is created in the landscaping design of 5th Levent where functions addressing every age group and connected to the Country Garden.

Decorative pools surround the buildings and the park zone. It is aimed to provide continuous communication of the residents of the estate with water both in their homes and the park.

Decorative pools are designed in cascades due to elevation differences. A natural form is provided. Recreation areas, lavender and rose gardens, copses, playgrounds, pergolas, amphitheater and stage surround the roads.

In the area where buildings are placed in form of a bow, a neat arrangement is made and a wide water area which can be viewed from all of the blocks is created in the backyard and a park area around it.

Decks, bridges, flower gardens, pergolas, playgrounds and lawns are splattered along the water area.

The amenity spaces within 5th Levent draw attention also with their diversity and dimensions. Aqueous playgrounds are created in addition to swimming areas and sunbathing terraces. Sports areas are located on a corner of the estate. Recreation areas such as arbors and pergolas serving these purposes are placed in the middle. Such spaces with intensive use which may cause noise are designed on a 5-6 m lower elevation. Shadow, freshness, view and noise control is ensured with forestation which will develop a wide corolla between each space. Side slopes host natural agriculture and vegetable-fruit gardens. An additional barbecue area will be formed within these areas.

Cycling tracks are designed in addition to transport within the estate and walking and jogging tracks for sporting purposes. Problem free transport facilities are provided for the disabled and families with children with inclined paths and elevators for accessing the landscape within the estate.