Located on the development axle of Levent as the most valuable location of Istanbul, 5th Levent is designed as a sustainable living center in addition to a people oriented and ergonomic approach. Undertaking the historical mission of the Levent towns symbolized as a modern center of life, 5th Levent is being built as a new town longed for by the Istanbul residents.

Located on the Alibeyköy junction of the TEM highway, 5th Levent is only 7 km away from Istanbul's significant business and living centers such as Büyükdere Street and Maslak. 5th Levent which is on the intersection point of both existing and planned giant transportation projects steps forward with its unique location with direct access link to the 3rd Airport and on the European Side starting point of the 3 Decked Great Istanbul Tunnel.

With a goal of more green and more genuine green, 50 percent ofthe project area of 5th Levent is designed as an impressive landscaping. All of the blocks included in the layout plan are enabled to view this impressive natural landscaping area. The rich vegetation in harmony with the area's climate is placed around a magnificent pond concept. An enjoyable common living space is created in natural environment with walking tracks, cycling tracks, country garden, children's playgrounds with different activities. 5th Levent also neighbors on a natural urban park of nearly 54,000.00 m2 in addition to the rich landscape and natural environment.

Designed with 17 separate blocks and 2 different neighborhoods on a total area of 141,600.00 m2, 5th Levent consists of 2288 apartments of 50 different types with various sizes and the 5th Levent Market Place of 4,000.00 m2, all addressing different life styles and needs. 5th Levent includes apartments with various sizes from 1+1 to 4+1. Another assertive aspect of the project is its car parks. An indoor parking garage for 3518 vehicles is provided in 5th Levent with 2288 apartments based on the principle of people first. No parking lots are built except guest parking. Another important point in its design is that parking garages are designed under the blocks and inner roads as far as possible, thus it is ensured that green areas are genuine green areas. In addition, entry and exits of parking garages are designed in the opposite of main entrances with the aim of reducing vehicle traffic on inner roads within the project area except for emergencies as far as possible.

With 2 children's activity pools, 2 large pools, indoor pool and fitness center as well as outdoor sports areas, a rich social life environment is created in 5th Levent. Further with the market place concept designed in a size to meet the basic needs of all of the residents, it is ensured that the residents of the town will comfortably meet all of their basic needs.