The story of Levent which was named with the farm located in the area in the 18th century started in these generous lands where the marines called "Levend" were trained and the first western army was born in the history of the Ottomans. The Levent area which was the most important player of the westernization adventure of the Ottoman Empire also witnessed Istanbul's most magnificent days with its beauties, music, entertainments, verdant gardens, agriculture and gorgeous structures...

As one of the most innovative real estate investment trusts of Turkey in terms of developing living centers such as malls, entertainment areas, housing, offices and hotels with a focus on people and life, Torunlar GYO has an experience of more than 30 years in construction sector.

Torunlar GYO, with its vision of "Worth investing and living", continues to touch the lives of millions of people, making a difference and grow with the confidence of its investors through its projects located in different provinces of Turkey such as Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya, Samsun and Muğla.

Having been signing projects which add value tor Turkey, Torunlar GYO now is proud of building 5th Levent, a new town which will be a milestone for Istanbul with its unique location, green areas and a promise for a privileged life.

A new circle which will again be a milestone shall be added to Levent which has become the model of social, cultural and economic life for many years: 5th Levent. With 5th Levent located in Istanbul's most valuable center on the intersection point of giant transport projects, our goal is to offer a new culture of life which addresses both mind and heart, reshapes Istanbul's modern life and make a difference for those who wish more. As the new town of Istanbul all of the details of which are designed studiously, we welcome you to the warm, nature friendly and modern world of 5th Levent.